BRAZIL: Ethanol prices fall more than 7% in the second week of crush

Published: 04/16/2018, 4:07:24 PM

Ethanol prices at sugarcane mills in Brazil's centre-south fell sharply in the second week of April, following the trend observed in the first week of the 2018/19 season, according to data by the Centre for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics (CEPEA), reports Sugaronline.

CEPEA/ESALQ index for anhydrous ethanol price dropped 9.29% from April 9-13, to BRL1.6955 (US$0.4983), and hydrous ethanol fell 7.80%, to BRL1.5212 (US$0.4471).

The sugarcane season in Brazil's centre-south started on April 1. Hydrous ethanol price decreased 15.6% from April 1-13, and anhydrous ethanol price is down 9.3%.

The prices drop as domestic production and ethanol imports increase in the country in the start of the 2018/19 season.

Mills in the centre-south are expected to focus on ethanol production this year, due to higher prices of the biofuel in relation to sugar.