Sugaronline Brokerage Service

The Sugaronline Brokerage Service continues to receive a high volume of requests for the purchase and sale of both raw and white sugars.

If you are looking to either buy or sell sugar and are having difficulty finding a supplier or buyer then we may be able to help. Simply complete our brokerage enquiry form and we will try to match you with an appropriate party.

The Sugaronline Brokerage service is available free of charge to SugaronlineSilver, Gold and Diamond members. For SugaronlineFree members there is a requirement to upgrade your account to Silver membership for a minimum of 6 months.

Many of the enquiries we receive contain terms and phases which are not part of the Standard Sugar Trade Rules as set out by the Sugar Association of London and The Refined Sugar Association of London. These terms indicate that the proposed trade may not be a serious bid or offer and might even be part of a fraudulent scheme.

To assist you with your enquiry we have listed some of the common clauses that are not standard within the trade and should immediately question the validity of the enquiry. If your buyer or seller has included any of these terms please check the source of your enquiry to verify the enquiry is genuine before proceeding.

If your enquiry includes any of the terms or phases listed below it will not be considered a serious interest to trade by Sugaronline.

  :: List of Common Phases to avoid

  • Grade A
  • Any safe World port
  • Letter of Intent
  • 45 RBU
  • Table grade
  • Free flowing
  • BCL
  • The buyer can see the sugar, after signing the contract
  • Payment mode - SBLC,FFSLC.


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